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  • Large Room

    Double or quad bedroom with added sofa bed. Ceiling with frescoes dating back to the 18th century and wrought iron bed.
  • Small Room

    Double bedroom equipped with air conditioning. A harmony of classic and modern style, ideal for your relaxing days.

Bed and Breakfast in Scala, Verone Palace

A classy villa surrounded by immortal beauties

The Bed and Breakfast Palazzo Verone is an ancient noble residence of medieval origins, now owned by the Criscuolo Family and located in the quaint village of Pontone di Scala, on the Amalfi Coast, not far from Ravello.This special residence overlooks Amalfi's enchanting Valle dei Mulini and enjoys a fabulous panorama, made characteristic by flower gardens overlooking the coast, vineyards and terraces of citrus trees scented by "sfusato," the typical Amalfi lemon.

The historic charm of the residence and the gentle silence surrounding the rooms with sea views make the property a timeless place: the best choice for staying on the Amalfi Coast.

Large Room

Small Room

Picturesque Villages

Discover Scala, the hamlet of Pontone and excursions to the Coast: monuments, works of art and beautiful nature reserves

How wonderful to wake up in Pontone

The song became a hymn to the wonderful village of Scala on the Amalfi Coast. The idea for the project originated from a song dedicated to the small medieval village of Pontone by Michele Criscuolo, a guitarist and singer-songwriter who in Pontone itself runs our "Palazzo Verone," an ancient 17th-century noble residence that is now an elegant and charming structure.

...a few days out of the world in pleasant company....

Palazzo Verone is an economical and cozy Bed and Breakfast, suitable for families on vacation, for a trekking stay, for a romantic weekend or for newlyweds who decide to book, here, their honeymoon.As evidenced by the photos taken with our guests, we want the customer to feel at home, welcomed with hospitality and kindness.

So, if you want to travel to the Amalfi Coast, immersed in an atmosphere rich in history, check out the rates and special offers of our tourist packages.


The greatness of the Verones and the miraculous tale
Palazzo Verone, camere a Scala | Costiera Amalfitana - Italy

Palazzo Verone is an ancient historic residence of medieval origin, and preserves the testimony of its important past thanks to the presence, inside, of several frescoes of the eighteenth century (quote in the GUIDE T.C.I.). The Palace was owned by the Verone, an influential and illustrious family of the village of Pontone who was in contrast with another noble family of the place, the D'Afflitto, owners of what are now the remains of the ancient basilica of Sant'Eustachio di Minuta.
A singular popular legend tells that, in 1618, Giovanni Domenico Verone and his wife were saved from a certain death. There is talk of a miracle that took place in the Palace witnessed through oval frescoes still present today at the entrance (one depicts brigands chained in clothes of the time and the other the souls of purgatory clutching bones in their hands) and, thanks to which the family seems to have been saved from the assault of brigands for intercession, requested in prayer, of the souls in purgatory.